Hiking in the BALTICS

Nature trails and hiking gain an increasing popularity in Latvia. We are allowed to go out in nature keeping the distance of 2m to other persons, even groups of 25 persons are allowed to get together for events, including hiking groups. Moreover, the borders are now open within the three Baltic countries: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. In Latvia, many rural accommodation/catering services and shops are open and running with all necessary precautions, mostly, prior arrangement, distancing and disinfection therefore hikers can not only enjoy nature but also get food and other services. We are marking and promoting the new E11 in Latvia and Estonia https://baltictrails.eu/en/forest, which will be continued this summer to extend to Lithuanian/Polish border. We name it here Forest trail, as it goes via beautiful forestland in all 3 Baltic countries. See the images here https://baltictrails.eu/en/forest/gallery .

We have also started to work with our Lithuanian colleagues preparing for trail inspections to extend E9 from Latvian border into Lithuania along the Baltic sea cost, as we last year we have opened Coastal hiking trail E9 from Tallinn to Riga https://coastalhiking.eu/.

See the photo gallery here https://coastalhiking.eu/en/c/gallery .

The development of Hiking trails are supported by EU Regional development fund – Central Baltic and Latvian – Lithuanian programmes.

As soon as border will be opened within at least EU countries – we are expecting travellers also from other countries! Hike with us!

Asnate Ziemele

asnate@celotajs.lv (ph. +371 29285756)

Latvian Country Tourism association