LQT-BE, Day Walk

The project

The General Assembly approved in 2018 the project Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe, Day Walk. The project should run in 2019-20, it was presented at the General Meeting in 2020.

However the project was delayed due to Corona.

In 2021 the project was presented at a Know How session at the General Conference in Sibiu.

Find the official page for the LQT-BE, Day Walk here.

The further progress will be:

  • Train the ERA experts and ERA inspectors at the second half of 2022.
  • Prepare to roll the project out in 2023 as an LQT program.
  • Present the details in 1Q 2023 at a virtual conference on how the program and procedures will be executed.
  • Train the national experts and trails scouts in 2023 pending the situation and needs.
  • Begin to inspect up to 10 trails in different countries and evaluate these and the procedures.

The procedures and criteria are still under development during the test phase. They will be uploaded to this page when finally approved.