LQT-BE, Day Walk

Updated 8-11-2022

The project

The General Assembly approved in 2018 the project Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe, Day Walk. The project should run in 2019-20, it was presented at the General Meeting in 2020.

However the project was delayed due to Corona.

In 2021 the project was presented at a Know How session at the General Conference in Sibiu.

In 2022 the project was presented at ERA 53rd conference. See the presentation here.

Find the official page for the LQT-BE, Day Walk here.

The further progress will be:

  • Train the ERA experts in spring 2023.
  • Prepare to roll out the project in 2023 as a LQT program.
  • Present the details in 2Q 2023 at a virtual conference on how the program and procedures will be executed.
  • Train national experts and trails scouts in 2023 pending the situation and needs.
  • Begin to inspect up to 10 trails in different countries and evaluate these and the procedures.
  • Train the ERA Inspectors when appropriate.

The procedures and criteria are still under development during the test phase. They will be uploaded to this page when finally approved.