Programme “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe, Day Walks” started

On 7 June 2023, a webinar “Leading Quality Trail-Best of Europe, Day Walk” was held for trail managers and all enthusiasts as well. The group of ERA experts, supported by the Deutscher Wanderverband Service, informed about the new programme which was opened by this webinar to the large public.

The presentation led the participants through the general information, procedure of certification, benefits and practical examples: two Day Walks under the label “Guttland.Trails”, as a pilot project, certified last year in Luxembourg, were also presented.

To have more such interesting “LQT-BE, Day Walks” in the whole Europe, please visit our website here. All necessary information, including the record of the webinar and the presentation are for your disposal.
The ERA experts will be happy to answer all your additional questions.