E-path working group

ERA has established the ERA E-path working group

ERA announced at the 49th General Meeting in Echternach that we will establish an E-path working group in 2019 as part of our E-path Strategy.

When commemorating the E-path meeting and event in Tarifa of the three E-paths E4, E9 and E12, ERA initiated the E-path Working Group on the 24th March.

The group consists of: Antonio Turmo, Spain – Ruben Jordao, Portugal – Helmut Schuster, Germany – Steen Kobberø-Hansen, Denmark/ERA – Boris Micic, Serbia/ERA temporary participation.

The group met and discussed the purpose, goals and tasks, and agreed that:

  • The group will qualify the information of the E-paths already existing at ERA promotion website era-ewv-ferp.org (short link: bit.ly/e-paths).
  • The group will contact relevant member organisations during summer 2019 in order to ask for experts on E-paths in their country to participate in subgroups for each E-path. The subgroups shall assist in gathering correct and updated information of the E-paths.
  • The working group will also work on E-paths activities.
  • The working group will meet in June among others to write down the task descriptions for the working group and the subgroups and to set down the concrete plan.
  • The working group will report status and way ahead at the 50th General Meeting in Bad Urach.

Read more about the ERA E-path Working Group here.