Arthur Howcroft

Mr. Arthur Howcroft, Honorary President of ERA, died on Saturday, 25 February 2023, aged 96. Arthur, representing the Long Distance Walkers Association and the Ramblers’ Association from Great Britain, was one of the longest serving members in ERA: he was the first chairman of the Walking Commission (since its formation in June 1976 – 1994) and 2nd Vice President of ERA from 1985 to 1991.

Afterwards, he represented British rambling in ERA for many years and helped with the translation of documents into English. Most recently he was with us at the 50th ERA anniversary, celebrated during the ERA Conference in Bad Urach, Germany in October 2019.

Honour to his memory!

How the ERA friends remember him:

Peter Ayling, Arthur’s good friend:
Arthur will continue to walk on the stars, he loved walking with so many people during his long life, especially with his beloved wife Renee. He led many people on walking holidays for numerous walking associations all over Europe, and he loved speaking several European languages. The ERA, with all its members and staff, had a special place in his heart, and I count it a great privilege to have known Arthur.“

Jan Havelka, ERA honorary president:
“I met him in 1991 on my first ERA conference. It was soon very clear, that he was that time one of two people, who influenced the whole organisation the most. A year later, we started working together and after following 2 years, when I became the ERA vice-president, we had already been friends. I have admired his knowledge of Europe, his passion for hiking and his efforts, that he put into the projects of European hiking. We had many discussions, which gave me inspiration and ideas, that I used not only during the time of being the ERA president. I admired his bravery, when he decided to organise the ERA annual conference in England, Ambleside, with only two helpers. And he did an awesome job.
I was happy to meet him later on ERA occasions in most European cities. A wonderful memory are three days in England, when we drove in his car from Manchester to the South coast to open a new part of an E-path. He wanted to show me the most within the short time of both known and unknown England. His understanding for hiking was very close to mine.
He celebrated both my 70th as well as 75th birthday in the Czech Republic. He was a great friend of mine. I am happy, that we could work together and meet for the past 30 years. Therefore, I will miss him more. Both ERA and me will never forget him.”

Ingemund Hägg, ERA honoray president:
A contribution to the history of the European Ramblers’ Association, by Ingemund Hägg.
Here an extract produced in 2023 with focus upon activities and contributions in the ERA where Arthur Howcroft was heavily involved for many years from the 19-seventies to the 19-nineties

2019: ERA General Meeting, Bad Urach (D) – photo Mimmo Pandolfo
Delegation of ERA honorary presidents and members (from left):
Juan Mari Feliu Dord (E), Ingermund Hägg (S), Henk Dikker Hupkes (NL), Jean Hirschinger (F), Arthur Howcroft (GB), Boris Mićić (ERA president, RS), Jan Havelka (CZ), Aloys Steppuhn (D)