ERA: Advocating Responsible and Sustainable Walking Across Europe

The European Ramblers Association – Hiking Europe (ERA) plays a crucial role in promoting responsible and sustainable walking practices across European countries. ERA’s mission is centered on fostering networking and cross-border cooperation among its member organizations, with a strong emphasis on ensuring respectful treatment, expertise, and shared values in all matters related to walking and outdoor recreation.

  1. Promoting Responsible Walking:
    ERA actively promotes responsible walking by encouraging its member organizations and the broader community to adopt ethical and environmentally conscious practices. This includes educating walkers about the importance of staying on designated paths, minimizing environmental impact, and respecting local flora and fauna.
  2. Environmental Conservation:
    ERA takes a proactive stance in instilling a sense of responsibility and care for the countryside and the environment. By advocating for and participating in the creation and marking of European long-distance paths, ERA contributes to the preservation and protection of these routes, ensuring their continued existence and accessibility for future generations.
  3. International Collaboration and Best Practices:
    The association serves as a platform for the exchange of best practices among its member organizations. Through collaborative efforts, ERA helps disseminate knowledge about sustainable trail management, conservation practices, and effective ways to mitigate the impact of walkers on the environment.
  4. Advocacy for Rights and Traditions:
    ERA plays a key role in safeguarding and advancing the rights and traditions associated with crossing borders within European countries. By preserving Europe’s cultural heritage, ERA ensures that walking activities contribute to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultures present across the continent.
  5. Quality Enhancement of Walking Experiences:
    Through its commitment to fostering networking and cross-border cooperation, ERA aims to enhance the quality of walking experiences for both locals and tourists. By promoting responsible walking practices, ERA ensures that these experiences are not only enjoyable but also sustainable in the long run.

In summary, the European Ramblers Association actively promotes responsible and sustainable walking practices by fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, advocating for environmental conservation, and safeguarding cultural heritage. The association’s efforts contribute to creating a positive and lasting impact on the walking community across European countries.