Baltic Coastal Hiking Closing Conference

The Baltic Coastal Hiking Closing Conference and opening of E9 in the Baltics were held in Estonia 13-14 September 2019.

The conference “Baltic Coastal Hiking final conference and official opening of the E9 in Baltics” was wrapping up the results of the Baltic Coastal Hiking project –  the success and lessons learned, and to see where we stand in Europe and to share our experiences. The results – the first long distance hiking trail gets recognized and popular for the hikers and brings valuable feedback and advise for improvements.
The project team are working on next development ideas for next long distance stretches to develop E9 on Lithuanian part and E11 for all 3 Baltic countries.  The strengthen up cooperation with ERA is important to feel among the society of European Hikers.

Have a look at the YouTube channel for Baltic coastal hiking.

See also the Website of the project.

Lovro Tacol from Slovenia had been hiking from Tallinn and participated in the conference

The Baltic Coastal Hiking trail is part of E-path E9 and can be found here.

13th of September the closing conference took place and 14th September a hike event was conducted on the trail.

13th September:

14th September

See a video from the day here.