E8 in Austria

Route data

Route description

Starting Point in Austria

Oberkappel (Upper Austria, border to Germany)

End Point in Austria

Berg (Lower Austria, border to Slovakia)

Route of E8 in Austria:

Oberkappel – Pürnstein – St. Johann am Wimberg – Zwettl an der Rodl – Hagenberg – Kefermarkt – Liebenau – Karlstift – Nebelstein – Weitra – Gmünd – Waidhofen/Thaya – Raabs – Retz – Ernstbrunn – Wien – Orth/Donau – Hainburg – Berg


515 km

Ground path of E-Path

Upper Austria: Mühlviertler Mittellandweg 150 (Oberkappel – Hagenberg/Mahrersdorf, 95 km)

Upper Austria: Mühlviertler Wanderweg 170 (Mahrersdorf – Liebenau, 45 km)

Lower Austria: Österreichischer Weitwanderweg 05 („Nord-Süd-Weg“): Liebenau – Nebelstein, 25 km

Lower Austria: Österreichischer Weitwanderweg 07 („Ostösterreichischer Grenzlandweg“): Nebelstein – Berg/Wolfsthal, 350 km

Responsible organizations

OeAV-Sektion Weitwanderer
Mail: weitwanderer@sektion.alpenverein.at
Web: www.alpenverein.at/weitwanderer

Österreichischer Touristenklub (ÖTK)
Mail: zentrale@oetk.at
Web: www.oetk.at

Naturfreunde Österreich, Touristenverein „Die Naturfreunde“ (TVN)

Mail: info@naturfreunde.at
Web: www.naturfreunde.at

Municipal Offices and various local organisations


Johann Lenzenweger: Der Mühlviertler Mittellandweg, ISBN: 978-3-85068-799-7

ÖAV Sektion Weitwanderer: Grenzlandweg – Führer zum Österreichischen Weitwanderweg 07. Order online via www.freytagberndt.com


These map publishers each cover the whole area:

Freytag & berndt

Marking System

Austrian flag along the way, at crossings yellow route indicator signs with name and path number. All path numbers along long distance path no. 07 end with “07”. They sometimes have a third (regional) digit, e.g. 107.

Crossing with another E-Path

E4, E6, E10



Inns, guesthouses and pensions can be found at least every 20 – 30 km. The hiking guide published by Austria’s Alpine Association gives helpful information about places to stay. There are no self-supporting huts along the way. Camping is allowed only at official camping sites.


Weatherproof hiking equipment will do the trick, you don’t need alpine gear along the way in Austria. In Upper Austria, the sea level we be around 500 m in average, in Lower Austria 400 m at max.


In several decentral villages you won’t find a grocery shop anymore, so you rely on your host from time to time. It is usually no problem to buy sandwiches from the breakfast buffet. Usually you have a chance to get warm food once a day.


In the northern regions of Austria you will mostly rely on busses. Usually you have a good chance to catch a bus in the morning and around lunch time (school busses). Unfortunately public transportation tends to decrease. Hitchhiking is legal everywhere except on motorways.

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E8 – Austria at https://www.eldp8.de/austria/main.html



Martin Marktl, Austrian Alpine Association (ÖAV)+