Jean Hirschinger

Our long-active presidium member (2nd vice-president in the years 1997-2009) and the ERA honorary member since 2009, Jean Hirschinger (FFrandonnée, France), passed away this morning at the age of 87.

Jean was an advocate of cross-border friendship (personally organizing activities between France and Spain) and documented 40 years of EWV history.

Honor his memory!

2009, La Palma (Canary Islands, E)
– last official ERA conference for Jean Hirschinger on the position of the ERA 2nd vice-president.
From right: Jean Hirschinger (F), Jörg Haase (D) and Jan Havelka (CZ)

2019, Bad Urach (D)
– inviation of all honorary presidents and honorary members to the 50th ERA anniversary in Bad Urach.

Honorary members from left: Juan Mari Feliu Dord (E), Jean Hirschinger (F) and Henk Dikker Hupkes (NL)