Embark on an Extraordinary Adventure with “Trekking for Europe”!

We’re thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking project led by N. Andrew Walsh, a passionate musician and long-distance hiker, who is set to make history by completing the entire length of the E10 trail from Kap Arkona, Germany, to Bolzano, Italy!

Mission: Hiking the E-Paths End to End
Under the banner “Trekking for Europe,” Andrew’s journey isn’t just about personal adventure; it’s a mission to raise awareness and funds for the E-Paths. Join us as we support this unprecedented through-hike, advocating for trail development and cultural exchange.

Two Key Goals: Trail Advocacy, Infrastructure Development

  1. Supporting the Journey: Help cover necessities like food, fuel, and overnight stays during the hike.
  2. Supporting the Trails: Contribute to the ERA and local organizations to expand and improve the E-Paths, creating an international network for cultural and ecological exchange.

How You Can Help:

  1. Spread the Word: Share this project with your hiking community, friends, and family to raise awareness about the E-Paths.
  2. Donate: Pledge a subscription to the Trekking for Europe Substack to support Andrew’s journey, humanitarian causes, and trail development.
  3. Get Involved: If you have insights or resources, reach out via the blog or social media.

Join the Adventure!
Subscribe to the Trekking for Europe blog, follow real-time updates on social media, and check out the YouTube channel for longer videos documenting this incredible journey.

Let’s unite as a hiking community to support this extraordinary endeavor and make a lasting impact on the hiking world and humanitarian causes in Europe. Wishing Andrew the best of luck on this incredible journey!

Together, let’s explore Europe’s natural wonders, unite its people in peace, and cultivate a love for the world around us. 🌿👣

Thank you for your support!