12 E-paths 1 Europe

The project ’12 E-paths 1 Europe’ or ’12 Wege 1 Europa’ will start soon.

Hiking means freedom. Long-distance hiking on the European long-distance hiking trails even means “unlimited” freedom. Seeing and getting to know Europe with your own eyes – that is the declared aim of the initiative. Laid out over several years, we want to tell the myths of the E-paths.

2022 will be the year of the revival of the trails managed by ERA and, in times of war in the heart of Europe, also the year of European unity. To this end, the German hiking magazine, together with its Austrian partner, Weitwandern.com, has launched “12 Ways – 1 Europe”. An initiative to focus on unlimited freedom in Europe, as a strong commitment to more sustainability through gentle tourism, supported by the fascination of long-distance hiking.

Every year, a team of hikers made up of editors, influencers and celebrities will walk one of the twelve E-paths in sections and discover the limitless diversity of rural areas in Europe.

A lecturer from the University of Music in Detmold composed an elaborate hymn for the initiative. The year for the start of the initiative could hardly be more appropriate: Not only will the E1, the first of the twelve E-paths, turn 50 in 2022, the Maastricht Treaties (on which the current version of the EU is based) will also be celebrating their 30th birthday -year anniversary. The European idea is the indisputable core of the “12 Ways – 1 Europe” initiative. We hike through Europe’s enchanting regions, meet interesting people and discover the most exciting myths and stories in the heart of Europe on foot.


The opening event will take place in Detmold, Germany 21-22 May 2022. See more here.

The start of walking on E1 will take place 24 May 2022 in Padborg, Denmark. See more here.

Read more about the project here and here.

Contact: Steen Kobberø-Hansen, ERA Board and chairman of the E-paths Working Group, mobile/Whatsapp +45 53 87 87 33, email steenkobberoe(at)gmail.com